Pioneer Valley Periodontics

Pre-Surgery Instructions

You will be given medications to begin taking the day before your surgery.  These medications can include an antibiotic, Motrin, antibacterial rinse and a narcotic.  The exact medications may vary for each patient.  These medications will be called/faxed to your pharmacy 5-7 days prior to your surgery.  The antibiotic and Motrin may be taken starting the night before your surgery.  If you are having implant surgery you may start your antibiotic 2 days before your surgery.

If you are taking daily Aspirin or a medication such as Coumadin you may be asked to stop taking this medication 5 days prior to your surgery.  Please let us know if you are taking such medications prior to your surgery and a determination can be made whether you will need to come off this medication prior to surgery.

Occasionally your physician may have you pre-medicate for dental visits due to a hip replacement or similar situation. If you do typically pre-medicate for your dental visits, please let us know as we may adjust the post-surgery antibiotics.

Being nervous is normal. We can prescribe a medication to help you relax. You would take this the night before so you will get a good nights sleep and then again 1 hour before your appointment.  If you choose to do this you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.  Please ask us if you would like a prescription to help you relax.