Pioneer Valley Periodontics

Painless Tissue Grafting - Alloderm

Healthy gum tissue protects your teeth from periodontal disease and sensitivity and helps produce a great smile.  In the past this procedure required that a piece of tissue be retrieved from the roof of your mouth to serve as the graft material.  Tissue retrieved from the patient’s palate creates a second surgical site leading to increased pain and discomfort.

Alloderm allows us to perform the soft tissue procedure you need without the limitations associated with retrieving the tissue from the roof of your mouth.  Alloderm provides you a predictable alternative to using your own tissue and offers the following advantages,
  • Readily available
  • Requires NO second surgical site
  • Results are similar to using your own tissue

What is Alloderm?

  • Alloderm is a donated human tissue that has been processed to remove donor cells, leading to a regenerative tissue matrix.

Alloderm is widely used in both medicine and dentistry for plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Since it’s introduction in 1994, over 1 million Alloderm grafts have been successfully placed with no known incidence of disease transmission.

Donor tissue is extensively screened and tested for the presence of diseases and then undergoes LifeCell’s proprietary processing procedures to ensure that Alloderm is virally inactived before release for patient care.  Ask us if you are a candidate for this procedure.