Pioneer Valley Periodontics

What to Expect after Surgery

Following your surgery, sutures will be placed.  The length of time and type depend on the type of surgery.  If you have dissolvable sutures placed you can expect them to start dissolving within 5-7 days.  Non-dissolving sutures can stay in place up to 3 weeks.  Individual instructions will be given at the time of your surgery.

You can except the peak of post-operative discomfort to be in 3-5 days following your surgery.  You should have no discomfort after 7-10 days.

Post-Operative swelling and throbbing is not uncommon.  This can be manged with ice and the medications prescribed.

Keep in mind there is a significant variation between patients when it comes to post-operative recovery.

You can expect some discomfort, swelling, bruising and bleeding following your surgery. This is all normal, however, please contact our office if excessive bleeding is still present after 24 hours.

Proper planning is important to your recovery.

Things to AVOID following your surgery:

Brushing and flossing in the surgery area, no straws (to avoid any sucking motion), smoking, alcohol, hot foods  (for the 1st day), spicy foods, crunchy or crumbly foods, exercise and heavy lifting.

The day after your surgery you will be rinsing 5-7 times a day with either warm salt water or a 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water mixture.

Icing minimizes swelling and bruising, it is not uncommon to have some bruising that may last up to a week.

Uncommon numbness could occur for up to several days.  In rare cases several weeks, but normal sensation will return.

Oral hygiene is important in the surgical site. You will be using an medicated rinse either applying with a Q-tip to the area or rinsing.  No brushing in the surgical area until you return for your first follow-up appointment which will be in 2 weeks.