Pioneer Valley Periodontics

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Our Guide for Optimum Dental Health

Rinse – vigorously for 30 seconds.  Our suggestions for rinses are Tooth Tonic, Crest, Listerine, Scope, Cepacol, Clear Choice or a non-alchohol rinse.

Floss – hug the tooth forming a C-shape, gently move back and forth once inserted.  Flossing will remove bacteria from between your teeth where the toothbrush bristles cannot reach.

Proxybrush – insert proxybrush in between all teeth as long as it fits, don’t force it.

Sweepbrush – always use a soft bristle brush – NO toothpaste yet.  Sweep 15 times away from the gumline.  Sweep upward on the lower teeth and downward on the upper teeth.  Always sweep away from the gumline.  This removes the dislodged bacteria that you achieved with the gum brush.

Regular Brush – now use toothpaste.  Brush at a 45 degree angle in a circular motion throughout your mouth.  Be sure to brush your tongue and roof of your mouth.  This brush provides freshness and fluoride to your teeth.  A job well done.

Rubber Tip – used for massage and blood circulation.  This tightens and tones the fums so that they will be strong and tight around the teeth.  Press firmly between two teeth.  Tip should be facing down when doing upper teeth and facing up when doing the lower teeth.  The entire side of the rubber tip should be used against the gum.